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| 70 – 180 GUESTS |


Who loves a big wedding?
We do!

Ever Be was inspired by our unique and special love for romance.

The natural lighting in the chapel allows for your most memorable moments to be beautifully captured by your photographer.

Peeking through our large cottage-inspired arched windows, the breathtaking mountain and the river set the perfect tranquil mood for your vows and the most romantic candlelit scenery for your reception.

The mountain view from our patio takes your guests away from the inner city rush as they enjoy a harvest table or canapés with an outdoor bar to keep them hydrated while you venture through the countryside.

Your guests can enjoy street food while socialising under the stars or snack on pizza throughout the evening.

Do you love an elegant and classic atmosphere?
Have your mains from our delicious plated or buffet menus.


| 20 – 60 GUESTS |


 Elopements or intimate weddings don’t have to be anything less.

Ever Be offers fully comprehensive packages that include: your venue, a three-course menu, waiters and a full day wedding coordinator, decor and flowers, DJ and even a wedding cake!

Intimate elopements have an indoor or outdoor ceremony with your reception in our smaller hall.

The outdoor ceremonial areas include our forest hall next to the river or the mountain view circle. We also host ceremonies on our patio where you can enjoy the mountain and our large industrial windows as your surroundings.

Rain has never stopped us! Should you be blessed with a down-pour of love, we move your ceremony to the front of the reception area and enjoy cocktail hour in the main foyer.

christenings, baby showers & bridal teas

| 20 – 60 Guests |


Why not take a trip to the countryside?

To appreciate all steps of our lives, we offer packages for Christenings, baby showers and bridal teas.

We like to celebrate any day of the week.
You can book the smaller hall, our chapel, as most may know it, for five hours on any Weekday or Sunday.

The hall has beautiful airflow, natural and modern surroundings and ample space for a lovely day to embrace joy!



| 20 – 180 GUESTS |


Want to treat your staff or clients to a day away from the rush?

Why not contact us for your conference, team-building or corporate needs?

We have two beautiful and spacious halls available independently.

Our packages include a PA system and different menus.

Our lawns allow for fun team-building activities and a light lunch by the guest house or in one of the halls.

Our team-building partner can assist with great ideas for the teams.


These events are ideal for quick mid-week breakaways.


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